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Jul 14, 2023 3 min read


As a child, we started running a race with joy. Later, without knowing, we have became a race horse. We all are running for fame, money, success,happiness etc. which never stops until it is stopped intentionally. In the race (life), many have lost health, happiness and peace. Some have developed stress and some have lost their identity also. Whatever it is, if the race is run for necessity and as per our health conditions, it will be meaningful. Success is important but peace is more important. If we realize the fact that running itself is a bliss and success is only a result, we will be happy. Success, as such has no meaning without failure.

Comparison brings worries. If the comparison is for our growth, then it is required. If it becomes a competition, stress may come uninvited. We have to assess the competitor before competing. If the competitor is stronger, we have to take strong people’s support to succeed . If the competitors are equal, the success is determined by the time and situation. At the time of a race, the people competing with us are either more skillful or less skillful which will determine our success. Similarly, our success is determined by lot of factors. The time, the people around us, situation, money, etc. play a vital role in success.

Success is time bound. What one achieves in the young age may not be a success after he or she grows up. The need and desire changes according to time and situation. Success differs from person to person. For a person who is born rich, being rich is a normal thing whereas for a poor person, becoming rich is an achievement. Similarly, defeat also differs. For a rich person, losing some money is a defeat and for those who commit suicide, money is life. Failures have made many to achieve success and success have made some to fail.

Many of us run for making money. In the process, we fail to enjoy. Postponing the enjoyment is not a prudent thing. All of us are running the race of life without knowing that the goals are different. Before we stop (die), let us achieve our allocated goals.


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  • 21 Jul 2023


We know everything but knowingly or unknowingly not able to come out. We ourselves made the system into like this.

  • 21 Jul 2023

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