Message from Editor In Chief

Esteemed Colleagues and Readers,

As we unveil the 9th edition of HR Vista, it is my privilege to welcome you to a world of insightful exploration under the theme "Redefining the hiring recipe: Recruiting candidates beyond the resume!" As the Editor-in-Chief, I am proud to present a publication that consistently challenges the norms and enriches the discourse in the field of Human Resources.

This edition comes at a time when the corporate world is undergoing a significant transformation, especially in talent acquisition. The World Economic Forum's forecast about the changing job market sets the backdrop for our current theme. It emphasises the need for a paradigm shift in our hiring methodologies to stay relevant and competitive.

In our pursuit to delve deeper into this subject, we have assembled a diverse range of articles, each shedding light on different aspects of modern recruitment strategies. We address the critical need for organisations to look beyond traditional educational and experiential qualifications and focus on the softer, often intangible qualities of candidates.

Our contributors, who are thought leaders and experts in their fields, provide a wealth of insights on building an effective EVP and evaluating candidates for their potential, behavior, and emotional quotient. We also explore how technological advancements can be harnessed to support and enhance these new-age recruitment strategies. The stories and case studies presented not only reflect the current state of affairs but also guide us towards innovative solutions and practices.

As you peruse the pages of this edition, I encourage you to engage with the content and reflect on how these insights can be applied in your organisational contexts. This edition provides a roadmap for navigating the complex and ever-changing landscape of talent acquisition.

I am confident that the thought-provoking content of this edition will inspire you to rethink and reinvent your hiring practices. Your feedback and insights are invaluable to us, and I look forward to hearing your perspectives on this crucial topic.

Happy reading, and may this edition spark transformative ideas in your professional journey!

Subimal Mondal,
Editor-In-Chief, HR Vista & Executive Director -I/c (HR), IndianOil